Can You Make Stamped Concrete Look Like Slate? (Slate Pattern Stamped Concrete)

December 1, 2022

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Slate pattern stamped concrete is an excellent choice for adding style to outdoor spaces. One reason to choose stamped concrete is that it's very durable underfoot. Two, it's easy to pour into curved shapes or around obstructions. Above all, it's more affordable than stone, brick, and other high-end materials.

However, some property owners might avoid the material simply because they assume it looks cheap or industrial! Also, some homeowners don't realize the choices they have when it comes to decorative concrete designs. To ensure you're not missing out on a stunning outdoor space, check out some added details about slate pattern stamped concrete. You can then discuss all your decorative concrete options with a contractor near you!

What Is Slate Pattern Stamped Concrete?

First, consider what is meant by stamped concrete. Second, we'll review how contractors create designs and patterns so you understand how they mimic genuine material, including slate! This information is helpful to know before you even call a concrete installation company.

To create stamped concrete, an installer preps your property as they would for any concrete installation. This prep work usually involves cleaning the space, removing greenery, and adding concrete forms. Next, your installer usually applies a layer of aggregate, which helps keep concrete in place. Then, they pour concrete into the records as they would for any installation.

However, their work doesn't stop there! An installed presses a specialty mold over the concrete mixture to create decorative concrete. This mold creates the shape and surface texture of wood slats, brick, stone, or pavers. Next, they apply specialty stains and color treatments.

Together, those molds and the final stain or coloring create the look and texture of your desired material. You often can't distinguish between decorative concrete and natural things. This is how your contractor would imitate the slate pattern in your stamped concrete.


slate pattern stamped concrete

Ashlar Slate Pattern: What You Need to Know

When most people think of slate, they often think of a bluish-gray color. However, slate also comes in other colors, such as red and green. Slate is a type of metamorphic rock that is created when shale is subjected to heat and pressure. One of the most common uses for slate is in roofing, due to its durability and weather resistance.

The most popular type of patterns is the ashlar slate pattern. This pattern features rectangular blocks that are laid in a herringbone or staggered pattern. The blocks are typically about 12 inches wide by 24 inches long, and they are separated by about 1/4 inch. This creates a herringbone pattern that is beautiful, distinctive and durable.

Ashlar slate is available in a variety of colors, so when you choose an ashlar slate pattern for your stamped concrete, you won't be limited.

Can Stamped Concrete Look Like Travertine?

While slate and travertine offer similar looks, they're different materials. Slate is a sedimentary rock composed of volcanic ash or clay. Travertine is a type of limestone typically created by hot springs. However, despite their differences, they both offer a stunning appearance that property owners love!

Most stamped concrete installers can make that concrete look like virtually any material, including travertine. Also, one benefit of decorative concrete is that you can better control its finished color and tone. In turn, your installer can add neutral shades of pale gray and cream, typical of travertine tiles.

Additionally, most installers have forms that create uniform blocks when desired. This also helps make the look of genuine travertine, which is often prized for its more minimalist look. Whatever your preference, don't hesitate to speak to an installerTheyhe can show you all your options forth shape and color.

slate stamped concrete

Is Slate Stamped Concrete Durable?

One advantage of stamped concrete is that the material offers excellent durability, as said concrete can last for decades if sealed and maintained correctly over the years. Additionally, large concrete slabs, like individual stone and river rocks, won't dislodge easily.

Also, note that installers pour concrete into various depths. Therefore, you can request thicker, more robust concrete slabs where needed. For instance, you might install a large outdoor kitchen over your decorative concrete. In that case, an installer might suggest thicker concrete than average to hold up that added weight.

Lastly, note that stamps used for concrete don't go through the material. In turn, installers create a large slab, just as they would for driveways. As a result, stamped concrete is more robust than individual pavers and tiles due to its size alone.

This is a great option if you don't want to pay the price for natural stone slate but want the look using a stamp pattern. Your installer would maintain good quality and integral color of real stone and can imprint the original ashlar design and texture if you wish.


Can I Pour Slate Stamped Concrete Myself?

Installing decorative concrete is not a DIY project. There are many reasons to call professionals for this installation before you visit the hardware store and stock up on concrete mix; check out a few of those reasons here:

  • A professional installer knows how to prepare your property before concrete installation. This includes tamping down the soil, setting forms, and installing aggregate. Missing any of these steps means damaged, cracked concrete before too long.
  • Concrete is often heavier and more difficult to pour than amateurs realize. However, you need to do this job quickly before it starts to set and cure! Taking too long to put the concrete in place because it's so cumbersome can mean wasted concrete mix.
  • Molds and forms used for decorative concrete are also large and cumbersome. Also, without the proper training and experience, you might end up with an uneven mold and d unsightly end product.
  • Remember that professionals usually guarantee their work for durability and longevity! In turn, you can generally have them correct any issue that arises after installation.
  • Professional installers should also have insurance to cover repair costs in the rare case of damage to your property.

Is Stamped Concrete Worth the Cost?

Most property owners who have invested in stamped concrete would say it's definitely worth the cost! Concrete stamped allow you to create a stunning look at an affordable price. You can install concrete over your backyard or create a matching walkway for a polished and cohesive style. In some cases, it might even add to your home's value.

Additionally, concrete is straightforward to recycle and made from abundant materials. In turn, it's very eco-friendly and an excellent choice for the environmentally conscious property owner. As said, an installer can also pour concrete in curved shapes more readily than cutting stone. As a result, you can enjoy a curved driveway or rounded patio easily!

Painting and tinting concrete after installation also means more control over the finished color. Your concrete coordinates effortlessly with the exterior wall color, landscaping, and other features. An installer will also have a wide variety of stone shapes, sizes, textures, and details. Consequently, your stamped concrete will offer a stunning appearance outside your home!

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