Create a Stylish Oasis With Brick Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Stunning Surfaces With Brick Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Brick stamped concrete for Kansas City properties offers a stunning appearance for your outdoor spaces. A stamped concrete brick pattern, along with staining and tinting, mimics the look of real brick but for a fraction of the cost!

Stamped and stained concrete also provides a durable surface under foot, without gaps that allow weeds to grow through. You can then enjoy a beautiful patio, pool deck, or walkway without the maintenance required for genuine brick.

If you’re curious about a concrete brick pattern for your property, call the crew here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros. We’re happy to answer all your questions and get you started with a FREE price quote!

A walkway from bricked stamped concrete in Kansas City.
Forms used for brick stamped concrete.

What Is Brick Stamped Concrete for Kansas City Properties?

Kansas City brick stamped concrete starts with standard poured concrete. A specialty stamp is then applied, creating the pattern and texture of brick. Stains are added, so the end result is a material that looks and feels just like brick.

One advantage of stamped and stained concrete is better control of its final color. You can easily coordinate your new concrete surfaces with exterior walls or other outdoor features!

There are also many varieties of brick stamps from which to choose. We have a range of stamp sizes and designs, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love. To browse our catalog of stamped concrete patterns, give us a call!

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Is Brick Stamped Concrete in Kansas City Durable?

One common question homeowners have about brick stamped concrete for Kansas City properties is if the material is durable and easy to maintain. The simple answer is that a stamped brick pattern is typically just as durable as any other exterior material!

Poured concrete is durable under foot, withstanding harsh weather conditions, high winds, and heavy rains. Long concrete slabs are also less likely to crack than individual brick or brittle stone.

If you’re still wondering about stamped concrete for your property, let our trained technicians visit your property and prepare a price quote. We can answer all your questions and help you select a stamped concrete pattern you’ll love!

Materials used for stamped concrete installations.
A contractor preparing for poured and stamped concrete.

What Makes Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros the Best?

Don’t leave your brick stamped concrete patio or other surfaces to just anyone! Ensuring a quality installation as well as precise stamping and staining requires years of training and experience, as well as commercial-grade tools designed to get the job done right!

Here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros, we have over 10 years of industry experience and stand behind every installation with a full guarantee. Our crew treats every property as we would our own, endeavoring to keep disruption and mess to a minimum!

We’re also happy to answer all your questions, and start every project with a no-cost, no-obligation design consultation and price quote. So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying your space again by calling us for your stamped concrete consultation today!



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"We still can't believe how incredible our stamped concrete areas turned out. We now have a patio, driveway, and stamped concrete fire pit that we simply adore. You have to see what these skilled contractors can do for you!"
- Esther Smithe

Add Style With Stunning Stamped Concrete On Your Property!

There is no better way to add stunning style to your property than with stamped and stained concrete! We carry a full line of concrete patterns, including flagstone, clay tile, and brick. Call today to get started on that new stamped concrete patio, pool deck, walkway, driveway, security wall, or interior floor you’re sure to love!



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Add Beauty to Your Property With Stunning Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Create a welcoming outdoor oasis or add style to driveways and walkways with beautiful, affordable stamped concrete in Kansas City. Click or call today for your FREE quote! Call us at (913) 379-2990
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