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"We still can't believe how incredible our stamped concrete areas turned out. We now have a patio, driveway, and stamped concrete fire pit that we simply adore. You have to see what these skilled contractors can do for yourself!"
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Why Choose Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros by Gold Heart Homes

Create Stunning Style 

Stamped concrete patterns create the look of brick or high-end stone.
Stamped concrete in Kansas City can be poured around virtually any exterior feature.
Concrete stains are available in a wide range of color tones, for a personalized look.

Why Homeowners Love It

Stamped concrete patios are durable and easy to clean!
A concrete pool deck adds lots of style and a safe surface underfoot.
Stamped concrete walls offer privacy & beauty

Why You Should Hire Our Pros

Our concrete contractors have over 10 years of industry experience!
We can create a personalized look you’ll love.
All concrete services and work is fully guaranteed to last.

Your #1 Choice for Beautiful, Durable Stamped Concrete, Kansas City

Beautiful stamped concrete in Kansas City adds stunning style to your property, and a durable paving option underfoot. Concrete staining and stamping recreates the look of brick or high-end stone, but for a fraction of the price!

A concrete backyard is also an excellent investment for rental properties and families with large, destructive pets! Resilient, gorgeous walls also provide full privacy without an unattractive industrial look.

If you’re considering stamped cement for your property, call our dedicated stamped concrete company with 10 years of industry experience, Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros by Gold Heart Homes. We offer a wide range of patterns sure to fit your property and budget. For more information or for your FREE quote, give us a call today!

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Our EASY Process

Our stamped concrete contractors ensure all your questions are answered every step of the way! Call today to find out more or get started with your FREE quote.

Step 1.


Our first step is to meet with you and measure your property, and help you choose a pattern and color you’ll love. Our concrete contractors can then provide you with an exact estimate for your installation whether you're in the market for a concrete driveway, concrete patios, or a pool deck.
Step 2.


Careful planning is needed for a successful installation that lasts for many years to come! We first evaluate and prepare your property for new concrete, and then plan the easiest installation schedule for you.
Step 3.


Our crew works hard to ensure a smooth installation on every property! We always endeavor to keep disruption to a minimum and perform a thorough cleanup after your beautiful new stamped concrete in Kansas City is in place.
FOR stunning surfaceS you're sure to love!

Create a Beautiful Oasis With Our Superior Services

There is no better choice for your driveway, patio, or pool deck than beautiful stamped concrete in a plethora of patterns and designs. To find out more, give us a call!

Decorative Concrete

Decorative stamped concrete patterns in Kansas City add lots of texture and visual interest to an outdoor space. If you’re not sure the right pattern for your property, let our stamped concrete contractors help you choose a design you’ll love.


If you love the look of natural stone but not the price, call us about stone stamped concrete! Stone stamped designs ensures a natural aesthetic that works well on any property, at a price you can afford.


Patio pavers are a classic choice for a residential property, but can be difficult to clean and maintain. Paver stamped concrete provides the same stunning look but with a more durable, affordable material and installation process.


Flagstone is rich and elegant but also heavy, brittle, difficult to install, and easy to split and crack! Reduce the risk of damage by investing in durable, stunning flagstone stamped concrete for your patio or driveway.

Brick Stamped Concrete

Individual brick installation is often cumbersome and expensive, but you can enjoy that same look with stamped concrete walls, driveways, and other surfaces. Brick stamped concrete is easy to install and affordable for everyone!


While natural slate offers a gorgeous look, it also comes with a hefty price tag! You can recreate that look with a slate stamped concrete installation along your property, for far less cost than natural stone.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions about stamped concrete services, and call us for a FREE quote! Which kind of concrete surface do you want for your outdoor living spaces? Learn more about concrete stamping, concrete staining, & decorative concrete.

What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is standard concrete that is stamped with a mold after pouring. This concrete stamping process creates the look of individual stone or brick pieces. Stamped concrete is customizable with a variety of pattern choices and the options for stained concrete for color variation.

Does stamped concrete crack easily?

High-quality products should last for years without suffering cracks or other damage. Proper maintenance including regular sealing helps keep it in good condition as well! Regular maintenance can be provided by a local company who specializes in stamped concrete floors.

Do weeds grow through stamped concrete?

The impressions used in stamped concrete do not go all the way through a concrete slab! In turn, weeds shouldn’t grow through surfaces, especially if the concrete surface was installed by a professional company.

More About Our Stunning Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

There is no better way to create a stunning, unique look along your property’s exterior than with beautiful stamped concrete. We offer decorative options for all outdoor living spaces. Our services include concrete driveways, concrete patios, concrete pool decks, and more. Call us today for your FREE consultation.

Why Choose a Stamped Concrete Patio in Kansas City

A stamped concrete patio in Kansas City is an excellent choice for any family! The material is durable and affordable, works well with any exterior décor and style, and is also easy to maintain over the years.

Concrete can also be poured and shaped around virtually any feature, making it an excellent choice for awkward spaces or for creating a unique patio layout that’s just right for your property. To find out more, give us a call today.
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A patio with stamped concrete in Kansas City.
Design for a stamped concrete driveway in Kansas City MO

Add Style With an Updated Driveway

Why settle for a plain, boring driveway when you can have a stamped concrete driveway on a Kansas City property? Our designs offer the look of high-end stone and brick, with the durability of standard cement.

A new driveway enhances curb appeal and ensures your beautiful lawn and landscaping features stand out. For more information or your FREE quote, give us a call today.

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Beauty and Durability With Stamped Concrete Pool Decks

A stamped concrete pool deck in Kansas City is an excellent choice for adding both style and safety to the pool area! Concrete staining and stamping ensures a beautiful appearance while providing added traction underfoot.

Our versatile patterns also provide a personalized look that coordinates easily with patio accessories. For your FREE quote, call us here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros today.
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A stamped pool deck in Kansas City designed to look like stone.
A Kansas City stamped concrete walkway remsembling high-end stone.

Choose Walkways for Stunning Style!

Stamped concrete walkways for Kansas City properties are an affordable way to add stunning style to your property. We can work your walkway around exterior obstacles or create a curved design you’ll love.

Concrete is durable against even the heaviest foot traffic, ensuring a safe walkway outside your home or business. To get started with your FREE quote, call us right now!

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Add a Unique Look With Stamped Concrete Floors in Kansas City

A favorite for stores and commercial structures, stamped concrete floors in Kansas City are quickly becoming a popular choice for homeowners! Concrete is durable, easy to clean, and very eco-friendly.

If you’re in the market for new flooring, call us about your concrete floors. We have a wide range of options sure to fit your property and budget!
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concrete floors - stamped concrete in Kansas City resemble real stone.
A  backyard in Kansas City with stamped concrete easy maintenance.

Stamped Concrete Backyards Equals Easy Maintenance

A stamped concrete backyard in Kansas City means little to no maintenance. You never need to mow a concrete backyard, or worry about dogs or children tearing up the grass! Instantly, outdoor living spaces come alive with unique, decorative concrete. Trust our professional team for concrete stamping in your area.

These updated backyards also provide room for lots of outdoor furniture and other features. To get started with your FREE quote, call Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros today.

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Create a Stunning Style With Beautiful, Affordable Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Stamped concrete for Kansas City properties is an affordable way to create a high-end look both inside and outside your home. Contact us at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros for more information or your FREE quote! Call us at (913) 379-2990
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