Find Out What a Stamped Concrete Border in Kansas City Can Do for Your Property!

Stamped Concrete Borders in Kansas City, for Added Style!

A stamped concrete border for Kansas City properties are excellent for adding stunning style. A stamped concrete driveway border helps separate the drive from the lawn, for increased curb appeal.

Stamped concrete edging is also a great way to add a “pop” of color to your exterior spaces! Concrete borders also help landscaping features stand out and get noticed.

If you’re in the market for stunning stamped and stained concrete, call the pros here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros. We offer FREE design consultations and price quotes. If you still have questions or are ready to get started with the beautiful stamped concrete you deserve, contact us today.

Stamped concrete borders on a Kansas City property.
A stamped concrete walkway with contrasting border.

Why Choose a Stamped Concrete Border on Your Property?

Stamped concrete borders in Kansas City add beautiful contrast and color along a property’s exterior. A stamped concrete patio with a border stands out from outdoor features, creating a welcoming look you’ll love. Borders also enhance the color and texture of pavers, creating an upscale, finished appearance.

Concrete borders are also excellent choices for breaking up the look of overly large lawns. Adding a border through the property tones down the look of all that green, avoiding a monotonous appearance.

Borders can do the same with long sidewalks and driveways. Adding borders between sections provides sharp contrast so your outdoor surfaces won’t look industrial and drab. To find out more or to browse our catalog of stamped concrete designs in KC, give us a call!

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Are Stamped Concrete Borders and Other Installations Durable?

Customers often wonder if stamped concrete borders and other installations are durable and reliable over the years. In truth, a stamped concrete patio with a border is often just as durable if not even more so than pavers, flagstone, and brick! One reason for this durability is that concrete is not typically as brittle as stone and clay pavers.

A stamped concrete border, patio, walkway, and other surface also doesn’t allow weeds to grow through their surfaces. In turn, you might need to use fewer corrosive lawn care chemicals when you choose stamped concrete installations! A concrete patio with a border can then last for years if not decades before it needs repair or replacing.

A stamped concrete installation at a playground.
A stamped concrete installation in Kansas City.

Choose a Stamped Concrete Border in Kansas City Today!

Choose a stamped concrete border in Kansas City today, for a beautiful outdoor space you’ll love. Stamped and stained concrete mimics the look of upscale stone, brick, and even wood, without the same price tag.

Stamped and stained concrete is also durable underfoot and can be formed into just about any shape. Poured concrete can be worked around landscaping features, a pool, or other obstruction very easily.

For more information, call the crew here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros. We’ll schedule a FREE consultation and installation price quote.

What are you waiting for? Start enjoying a gorgeous outdoor space by calling our experienced stamped concrete company today.



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"We still can't believe how incredible our stamped concrete areas turned out. We now have a patio, driveway, and stamped concrete fire pit that we simply adore. You have to see what these skilled contractors can do for you!"
- Esther Smithe

Check Out Our Patterns for Stamped Concrete Borders

Here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros, we carry a full catalog of stunning stamped concrete designs and patterns. If love the look of flagstone, slate, brick, or wood, give us a call! Our patterns mimic these materials easily, creating a beautiful appearance outside your property. To get started with your no-cost, no-obligation consultation, contact us today.

Wood Stamped Concrete

Slate Stamped Concrete

Brick Stamped Concrete

Flagstone Stamped Concrete

Paver Stamped Concrete

Stone Stamped Concrete

Add Beauty to Your Property With Stunning Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Create a welcoming outdoor oasis or add style to driveways and walkways with beautiful, affordable stamped concrete in Kansas City. Click or call today for your FREE quote! Call us at (913) 379-2990
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