Add Beauty and Style With Slate Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Create a Stylish Oasis With Slate Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

There is no easier or more affordable way to create a stunning outdoor space than with slate stamped concrete for Kansas City properties! While genuine slate is beautiful and unique, it’s also rather costly and brittle, cracking easily under excess pressure.

For a more durable and affordable outdoor surface, call the crew here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros. Slate stamped concrete patterns mimic genuine stone, while providing a stronger surface under foot.

Poured concrete is also far more affordable than stone! You can enjoy a beautiful patio, walkway, or privacy wall at a fraction of the cost of real slate when you choose stamped concrete for your property. To find out more, just give us a call.

A patio made from slate stamped concrete in Kansas City.
Preparing stamped concrete surfaces.

What Is Slate Stamped Concrete for Kansas City Properties?

Kansas City slate stamped concrete starts with standard poured concrete. The installation is then stained and stamped to create the look and texture of natural slate.

Your installation can include various slate stamped concrete colors, to create added visual interest along the property. The stamping process also ensures the surface mimics slate stone tiles, while also providing added traction underfoot.

If you’re ready to get started with a stunning slate stamped concrete patio, walkway, or another surface on your property, call our trained technicians today!

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Why Choose Slate Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Slate stamped concrete for Kansas City properties is an excellent choice for every homeowner! While genuine slate offers a beautiful appearance, it’s also somewhat brittle. Slate tiles then have a tendency to crack over the years.

Slate is also quite expensive! Its price tag can make it difficult to create an outdoor space you love and to ensure coordinated, cohesive surfaces along your property.

Stamped concrete is more affordable and durable than genuine slate, while still mimicking a variety of designs. Call to enjoy pale green Vermont slate, Pennsylvania black slate, textured Roman slate stamped concrete, or any of our other stunning and luxurious patterns and designs, but without the price tag of genuine stone!

Matching slate stamped concrete surfaces.
A contractor preparing stamped concrete installation.

Get Started With Stunning Slate Stamped Concrete Today!

There is no better time than now to get started with stunning slate stamped concrete for Kansas City properties. Poured concrete ensures a durable, easy-to-clean surface, while stamping and staining provide the look of genuine stone.

Here at Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros, we have a variety of patterns from which to choose. Our designs include classic gray colors and smoother surfaces, a textured Roman slate, or somewhat coarse and sandy ashlar slate patterns.

If you still have questions or are ready to get started with your FREE design consultation and price quote, just use our contact form or give us a call. You’ll love your new poured concrete exterior for years to come!



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"We still can't believe how incredible our stamped concrete areas turned out. We now have a patio, driveway, and stamped concrete fire pit that we simply adore. You have to see what these skilled contractors can do for you!"
- Esther Smithe

Create Affordable, Beautiful Spaces With Stamped Concrete

Stamped and stained concrete is an excellent choice for creating stunning spaces around your property. To find out more about stamped concrete patios, walkways, driveways, pool decks, interior floors, and outside walls, call our crew today!



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Add Beauty to Your Property With Stunning Stamped Concrete in Kansas City

Create a welcoming outdoor oasis or add style to driveways and walkways with beautiful, affordable stamped concrete in Kansas City. Click or call today for your FREE quote! Call us at (913) 379-2990
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