Should You Get a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck in Kansas City?

September 21, 2022

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Are you shopping around for a stamped concrete pool deck for a Kansas City property? Stamped and stained concrete offers many advantages over other materials. On the other hand, it might not be the right choice for every outdoor space.

To help you decide if stamped concrete is your best option, check out some details about its installation. You might also note some disadvantages of decorative concrete versus pavers, brick, and similar materials. Then, discuss your needs and budget with a concrete installer near you!

What Is a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck in Kansas City?

To help you decide if a stamped concrete pool deck in Kansas City is right for your home, note its installation process. First, a contractor pours the concrete as he or she would for any other outdoor area. Second, your contractor presses a specialty mold across its surface. This mold creates the shape and texture of brick, stone, wood, or another chosen material.

Lastly, your contractor adds specialty stains, paints, or other coloring. This also creates the look of pavers, brick, or other surfaces. Once the concrete dries, your contractor will typically seal the material, ensuring it looks good for years to come.

That result looks and feels almost identical to your chosen material. This includes brick, pavers, stones, or wood. Many people cannot even tell the difference between stamped concrete and the genuine counterpart! You might have even mistaken a neighbor’s stamped concrete space for brick or stone.

stamped concrete pool deck for kansas city home

Choose Stamped and Stained Concrete

Consequently, you can enjoy the durability and strength of concrete. Additionally, concrete surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, and stay cool underfoot. Another advantage is that a contractor can pour concrete into any shape easily, even working around landscaping and other obstacles.

Also, note that concrete is typically far more affordable than brick, pavers, stone, and even wood. In turn, you can extend that deck to meet nearby walkways, a patio, driveway, or other space. You can also enjoy a stunning outdoor deck no matter your pool’s size or your budget.

Another great reason to choose concrete is that it’s eco-friendly! Concrete is made from abundant materials including sand, Portland cement, aggregate, and water, all of which are also recyclable. On the other hand, harvesting stone often involves harsh blasting and lots of water usage.

The concrete staining process also allows you more control over the finished appearance of your pool deck. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about brick or stone not matching an exterior house color or looking as expected. Moreover, you can even paint concrete surfaces, allowing you to change that color as desired.

What Is the Disadvantage of a Stamped Concrete Pool Deck in Kansas City?

While stamped and stained concrete offers many advantages and some disadvantages! One, concrete does tend to suffer cracks over the years, which means eventual patching. Two, stain colors can fade, especially under harsh sunlight and severe weather conditions.

Also, note that decorative concrete resembles brick, stone, or wood, but isn’t an exact match. In turn, some property owners might prefer the genuine material versus concrete. Stamped and stained concrete also might not improve property values as much as genuine surfaces.

laying a pool deck patio in kansas city

Maintaining Stamped and Stained Concrete

One advantage to stamped and stained concrete is its easy maintenance, as said. Regular power washing is excellent for cleaning concrete, removing chlorine residues and gritty debris. Soft wash power washing also cleans oil stains and other debris without damaging concrete surfaces.

After cleaning, consider sealing concrete surfaces, for added protection against wear and tear. Sealants also keep stain colors looking fresh and vibrant, and help block weed growth. Additionally, property owners should avoid damaging concrete with snow shovel blades or other heavy objects.

Above all, invest in a professional concrete installer and repair contractor when needed. Poor-quality concrete materials and installation risk premature damage and early breakdown. Also, amateur crack repair and sealing can also risk having cracks and chips reappear sooner rather than later.

Kansas City Stamped Concrete Pros is happy to provide this information about stamped concrete pool decks in Kansas City. Hopefully, you found it helpful in making your decision! If you’re ready for a stunning outdoor space, call our Kansas City stamped concrete contractors. We offer FREE consultations and price quotes, and guaranteed results. Additionally, we have a full catalog of styles from which to choose. Ask us about brick, stone, paver, or wood surfaces and textures! If you still have questions or are ready to get your property started, use our contact form or just give us a call.


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